With Detroit as his hometown, Kay.est shows his diversity through the sound of his music. Having east and west coast sound, he stands out from most hip-hop artists of this era. Kay.est is currently pushing his newest single "Grindin" which is all about the hustle. He is looking to impact the industry in a major way, connect with people and produce music that all listeners can relate. With hopes of bringing a new sound from Detroit, his life goal is to produce generational wealth for years to come. For Kay.est it's a constant battle to not become a product of his environment. His one focus is music, and he realizes living a double life will hinder you. Despite setbacks, Kay.est continues to defy the odds and focus on what's important. With a family of his own and the testimony from his past, both serve as the passion that drives him in this music industry. Kay.est is a force to be reckoned with.

Originally from State Fair, Detroit, hip-hop artist, STF Chef, is dedicated to put in the work to build the life he wants. With culinary arts being his first love, hence his name "Chef", he is no longer just cooking in the kitchen, he's cooking up new sounds in the studio as well. He's currently pushing single “Still Going” which is a song all about continuing on the path of success despite the obstacles. While growing up in the inner city of Detroit, he speaks on his experiences throughout his music to encourage everyone listening to chase their dreams. He reminds people that in life, nothing is free, you must work for what you want. Coming from a musical background, STF Chef has had to prove that music was the career choice for him. Deemed the “underdog” at one point in time, he has proved many wrong, by continuously having the support of fans. To STF Chef the "sky is the limit".

Damon Marcel Bentley, professionally known as Ysco Dame, is an African American artist, singer, rapper and songwriter from Detroit, Michigan. He was born and raised on Detroit’s Westside inner city neighborhood and has risen from local to mainstream fame in 2020. He is currently awaiting his highly anticipated release “Hope For the Hopeless” and is a prominent figure and talent in the Detroit Rap Scene culture. Signed under the independent label of Legendary Music and Visual (LMV), Ysco brings a new sound and style to the melodic rap scene in Hip Hop.

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